Colour Fun Run 2015 Trenton

Late Thursday night  during the intermission of my PowerPoint presentation of Courage has many faces to the Quinte Photography Club, a woman in the audience told us about an event scheduled for 10am the following morning.

What: The Colour Fun Run 2015!

Colour Fun Run YTR 2015
Colour Fun Run YTR 2015
The gauntlet - Colour Fun Run
The gauntlet – Colour Fun Run

Where: In nearby Trenton, Ontario.

Who:  More than 700 students from four local secondary schools would be running (or walking) a 5 km quadrangle facing a gauntlet of coloured powder thrown at them every 1km.

Run or die....dye?
Run or die….dye?

The purpose: to raise awareness and FUNDS for the Trenton Memorial Hospital’s purchase of a vital signs monitor.

The results:  Increased awareness, great exercise, lots of fun, and $11,500 more than yesterday for the hospital!