How to throw a GREAT party…

Step 1.  Be Tim McKinney.

Step 2.  Decide you want to celebrate your 25th Anniversary as a very successful realtor with ReMax, Belleville, Ontario.

Step 3.   Enlist the support of your fantastic Co-Realtor Jennifer Albright and effective support team assistants Sarah Dean and Nicole Haire.

Step 4.   Contact 1000 Island Cruises based on Lake Ontario in Kingston, Ontario, Canada..  Hire the Island Queen a spectacular triple-decked Mississippi River paddle wheeler for a three hour cruise on the “Beautiful Bay of Quinte”.

Step 5.    Invite friends, relatives, and clients (these 3 categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive!) whom you have helped buy and sell real estate in the Quinte region.  Suggest that you’d like them to help you celebrate by attending the celebration as celebrities.

Step 6.   Provide a few costume ideas …and see who shows up!