The Sky’s the Limit!

On June 25th, 2016 I attended the CFB Trenton Airshow on the very day that my dear friend and former student, Joyce Spring was celebrating her birthday.  This serendipity prompted me to post a blog about her second book, The Sky’s the Limit (2006).    Joyce’s first book, Daring Lady Flyers (1994), highlighting the stories of daring Canadian women who took to the skies from 1910 to the late 1940s.

When The Sky’s the Limit was published I wasn’t blogging so when Elizabeth Muir’s Canadian Women in the Sky was published October 2015, I was thrilled to have my exploits in aviation included in her book and immediately blogged about her fantastic book.  Perhaps I should have written about Joyce’s books first, but better late than never.

Of course, Joyce didn’t include me in her first book.  I wasn’t born until the next decade (and only then by accident as my parents adamantly preferred their DINK status).

Joyce discussed some elements of her second book with me, mentioning that she was dedicating an entire chapter to each of the 12 female pilots she was featuring.  When she advised that MY chapter would be entitled “Lola Reid: Bush Pilot Extraordinaire”, I was delighted – and very surprised!

From the beginning of Joyce’s interviews and research, she found herself constantly amazed by the achievements of these female pilots. Joyce presents the stories of early Canadian women bush pilots from the late 1940s onwards, a follow-up to her previous publication.  Dundurn Press reveals that “their stories are exciting, occasionally funny, and always absorbing. Ranging from aerial surveys, water bombing of fires, flying fish, canoes and northern dogs, to the operation of a float-plane flying school, these women have left little undone”.

These books by Joyce Spring & Elizabeth Muir are published by Dundurn Press, Canada and are available as paperbacks and as ebooks.  I include an excerpt, the cover photo, and one of the few photos taken of me at my first job in aviation.   Sky`s the limit -b