Sporting a Hawai’ian shirt a la Jimmy Buffett but belting out the Rolling Stones blues, the lead singer of the Tuesday Night Music Club urged: “Will SOMEBODY puh-lease congratulate the organizers of this great event! Where else can you walk around town, visit with friends, make new friends, enjoy munchies and refreshments while enjoying the music of 30 different musical groups?”

He is so right.

Porchfest, the Brainchild of Lucinda Pritchard and Ken Hudson, was handed over to the care of Rotary in 2015.  For the past two years Rotarians Sam Brady (Past-President Rotary Club of Belleville) and his longtime buddy and fellow Rotarian Tracy Bray (President-Elect Rotary Club of Belleville) have organized the event.

This year, the 8th Annual Porchfest 2016 was a fantastic success.

As Sam concluded his opening remarks on the porch of Glanmore House Museum, the Post Office Wall rock band (assembled across the street on Sam’s front lawn) hit the opening chords of the Northern Pikes She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way.

For the entire afternoon, listeners soaked up what might have been the last of summer’s sun and meandered Belleville’s historic Old East Hill bringing with them toddlers on trikes and in strollers and mini-cars.  Some brought their dogs. Some rode bicycles or toured in their classic cars or motorbikes.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, choosing their favourite styles of music: folk, country, blues, and rock as well as indigenous drumming and an all-male a capella group.