Prepping for Mount Kilimanjaro


Count down to departure.

Been hiking in conservation areas all winter but yesterday added 6kg: a daypack packed with books. Five km up-down-up-down the esker and five empty beer cans later, Kalurra, the dog, & I returned to the car.

I’ll bet you’re thinking “WHOA did she guzzle a beer every 12 minutes?”

What I wrote is true but….this is how journalism can sway opinion with real facts that transform the truth.

I did return with five empty beer cans.
I did not start out with five full beer cans.

I found them along the river where a couple of slobs pitched them, littering our beautiful walking trails. C’mon people – let’s appreciate our environment not trash it with soft drink & beer cans & Timmy’s cups…

(PS – ever notice you almost never see Starbuck’s cups along the wayside?)