Three days in Tokyo: Ameyoko Market


Ueno District is the closest thing to Old Tokyo. Local Japanese, ex-pats, and visitors all come to Ameyoko Market to eat at their favorite restaurant or search for the ideal bargain at the hundreds of one room shops. Neon-lights and red lanterns (and nearby red lantern streets with sex-clubs and prostitutes) cast a mysterious glow on the warren of labyrinthine streets.

Getting here:
Keisei Ueno Station is easily accessed from Narita airport via Keisei Express Skyline for approx USD25 pp/each way (credit cards accepted at train stations).
Ueno is the terminus for the JR Joban and JR Utsunomiya Lines and for overnight trains from Sapporo. All local trains on the JR Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku lines stop here.