Akshayuk Pass — Day 5

Day 5 – August 4:  Mount Asgard Scenic View Camp was as beautiful at 06:00 hours as on the previous evening. Water in the reflecting pond had seeped into the surrounding ground overnight making the water level much lower. However, we still had to circumnavigate along a crest of soft grasses then moraine boulders rather than leap over a few stones between the Owl River and the pond, as we had hoped.

Today would be a short day—only 7.5 km —over bog, boulders, and rushing rivers. Thankfully, our pack loads had lightened by three days less of Peak Eats dehydrated meals, coffee, and naphtha fuel.

We needed a lazy afternoon [sunbathing!] to prep for our planned early morning (mid-night) departure from Glacier Lake Camp. We hoped to cross both the Highway and Norman Glaciers between 03:00 and 07:00 before the daily glacier melts transformed babbling brooks into terrifying torrents with enough power to tumble trekkers and pummel them into sharp river rocks.