Baffin Island Hike — Day 6

A fabulous day:
00:05 – up to our phone alarms —the only sound for miles
01:10 – following Peter’s briefing about standard and emergency river crossing procedures, we depart for our first Significant River Crossing: across the Owl River through the outflow from the Highway and Rundle Glaciers
02:00 – Across! hurray! thank goodness for the first few rushing streams that helped us practice for the larger, multi-braided torrents…remove MEC paddle boots and change into hiking boots –cool weather without the strong sun, but still lots of twilight

03:15 – Km 46 on top of the Highway Glacier Moraine –see our first Arctic Hare leaping boulder to boulder
05:30 – sun shining brightly as we prep for another Significant River Crossing: the Norman Glacier runoff
07:30 – not only are river crossings getting easier, they’re getting FUN – breakfast on the moraine overlooking Glacier Lake
12:00 – arrive at turquoise inland lake and pitch tents on gravel—wash hair and sponge bath using water from the slightly warmer lake..then enjoy the incomparable scenery!