Day 10— 2 KM north of Arctic Circle

Another stunning day. Today’s trail took us along hard-pack dirt paths, warm sand hills, and Windy Lake’s steep rocky moraine.
We feel so fortunate as we remember the Park Ranger’s words, “some people do this hike and see nothing but clouds.” Even on our planned day of rest (Day 8), the constant drizzle made the vistas atmospheric and moody not impossible to see.
At the times when I’ve been concentrating on where to step to avoid dislodging boulders and tumbling down the moraine (or causing someone else to tumble down the slope), I haven’t taken photos. The skewed photo “Falling” is tipped because I’m leaning into the hillside, on a narrow path that slopes toward the river. One mis-step would roll me to the left, down a steep embankment across jagged rocks, and into the frigid Weasel River and a current moving faster than it seems!
Fog rolls in from Pangnirtung, about 50km south, and snakes above the river.
Our “camp” on rocks adjacent to the moraine is a mere 2km north of the Arctic Circle. We’re seeing many more plants thanks to the warmer weather at these “lower latitudes” and moisture from the fog.