Armchair Traveler Lecture Series

A big THANK YOU to the STANDING ROOM only CROWD of 80+ who attended last night’s lecture, Trek the Akshayuk Pass. I had a great time chatting about the adventure and look forward to future opportunities.
Photography SHOW & SALE of associated images continues to February 7th, 2020.

“Your lecture was fabulous—informative, great eye-candy sprinkled with humour. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” J. Stellings

“What a great presentation last evening! I really enjoyed it, and learned so much. it’s wonderful that you were able to do that trip with your family. Your photographs are beautiful, and hearing the story behind them adds another dimension.” B. Coldham

“Enjoyed last night, you are so thorough in describing the trip with excellent details.” W. BickleArmchair Traveller December 12, 2019 poster Lola Only