CREATIVE EXCELLENCE: Cloud Atlas #1 by Lola Reid Allin
This photograph had us both guessing. What were we really seeing? That is hard to do when you have looked at a lot of art. Being a photograph, we knew it was a real thing, but what? It made us look longer and harder. The subtle tonalities and textures drew us in and made us think. The luscious colour and interplay of shapes were seductive. The artist’s sensitive observation and linking to intuitive imaginings suggested by the title evoke a mysterious interior geography. In this way the piece is conceptual. Our selection was a toss-up between this image and the subtle photo of the antique pots. But this one appealed to our initial consternation in its uniqueness within this exhibition.
Juror Notes: Belleville Artists Association, Jurors: Michèle LaRose & Aïda Sũlcs October 3, 2020
Any guesses? What do you think you are seeing?