Day 1: Baffin Island Trek

July 30, 2019. Uneventful flight (that the way we like them!) from Ottawa (CYOW) to Iqaluit (CYFB, the FB derived from the English name Frobisher Bay). Tomorrow we’ll be on the 09:00 flight from CYFB to Qikiqtarjuaq, the Inuktituk word for Big Island, and start our 98 km hike of Auyuittuq National Park.

National Geographic: Nohayquiensepa

FIFTH of FIVE of my images selected by National Geographic Photography Editor for their “Daily Dozen” Best Images (April 07, 2011).Adapted from the play, Nohayquiensepa, a testament to Politically Disappeared Indigenous Americans.

Under the watchful eye of Jesus

April 17, 2019: National Geographic Photography editor Kristen McNicholas selects Life Under the Watchful Eye of Jesus as a favorite


SPARK 2019 FAMILY LIFE April 1 to April 30 Third of my three images selected by jurors. SPARK 2019 7th Annual Since 2013, Northumberland, Peterborough, and the Kawartha Lakes regions have celebrated photography during the month of April. Come to the many exhibits and meet the artists, dreamers, innovators, storytellers, professionals, and enthusiasts behind the camera lens. Reception &…

The Lookout: El Mirador

The first snake I saw on this “snake-infested” trek was a False Coral Snake or maybe a Coral Snake or maybe a Milk Snake.  The only thing certain about this tiny, 1/2 diameter x 12″ long juvenile snake was it was a serpent (though I think it was a “plant”). The night before, as I walked…

Flores to Tintal, El Mirador Basin

Sun rays flooded through towering Cohune palms and bathed Lake Peten Itza in a muted apricot glow. Three hours and 62 rutted and muddy km later, Antonio and I arrived at Carmelita, his home village inhabited by 400 or so Itza Maya. Eladio, the muleteer, packed supplies, backpacks and duffels onto the four mules. We…

Into the jungle, El Peten, Guatemala

I’ve dreamed for many years about visiting El Mirador deep in the Guatemalan jungle. But dreams without action stay dreams so I decided to act on my BIG DREAM. I  SET a GOAL, made a plan, and TOOK ACTION. There are three ways to visit El Mirador: 1. Fly 45 minutes in a helicopter from Flores…

Award winning photography

Passing Through Official Opening last night January 11 6 -7:30 was a great success! Show & Sale at the PARROTT ART GALLERY Pinnacle Street Belleville continues until February 15, 2018.

Time to spare, go by air -Death Valley

  Day 2, Sunday: No communication from Air Canada.The AC rep had informed Mom that FedEx didn’t work on Sunday, but promised to request permission for same day service with an alternate delivery service for Sunday or same day service FedEx service on Monday. Mom emphasized that she’d only be at Death Valley for four days,…