Three days in Tokyo: Ameyoko Market

Ueno District is the closest thing to Old Tokyo. Local Japanese, ex-pats, and visitors all come to Ameyoko Market to eat at their favorite restaurant or search for the ideal bargain at the hundreds of one room shops. Neon-lights and red lanterns (and nearby red lantern streets with sex-clubs and prostitutes) cast a mysterious glow…

Good fortune, long life

Most of us are familiar with origami to some extent. We like the way it looks and it’s fun to try to fold the tiny pieces of paper to make beautiful decorations. But what do these folded pieces of paper signify to a Japanese person? In the first image, a dove – the worldwide symbol…

Three days in Tokyo

More images of Japan: A visit to a memorial cemetery in the Old Quarter and watching tool use by a Japanese Macaque.

Three days in Tokyo

Snapshots of Ueno District, Tokyo, Japan, one of many┬áplaces I’ve never written about. Get ready for a week of images from our three days in Japan.