Published work

The Ancient Maya: End of a Cycle, Rebirth of the Spirit Infinity Magazine Winter 2012
Gear UP! and GO! Verge Magazine: Travel with Purpose (Storyboard Contest May 16, 2011)
Cultural awareness or…”How-To” Homestay Verge Magazine (Storyboard Contest April, 2011)
The Slow Travel Movement Verge Magazine (Storyboard Contest March 28, 2011)
Go—get lost!: The perils and possibilities Verge Magazine (Storyboard Contest March 7, 2011)
“Do you like to sleep alone?” The Globe & Mail (Nov 8, 2008)
The Cult of Maximon Mundo Maya, Year 7, No. 20 (1998)
Modern Maya Religious Beliefs Mexican Board of Tourism (1996)
Valeria’s Story (article & photographs) Mundo Maya, Year 5, No.10 (1996)