What’s the buzz…?

Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your series [Women in Aviation] in Skies [Magazine] this week — really great work.” Elan Head, publisher

“Thank you for sharing your talents and unique views of the world in your photography.  You capture so much more than a moment in time.  You capture a emotion and a glimpse into another world.” K. Blake, veterinarian

“Lola, you are such an incredible talent and inspiration!! Awesome article, congratulations!”    S. Rollins, social services

[Lola’s} art is the sort of communication that could take volumes of the written word to convey…and even then, not nearly so well. I hope that one day Ic an get to know you personally. Well done!” R. Buchner, photographer

“[She’s] a Mayanist scholar who specializes in the research and study of the Mesoamerican pre-Columbian civilization—you might easily get away with calling her Quinte’s very own Indiana Jones.” J.K. Matthie, photojournalist

” I loved it, it was like we were there with you.” Tony Vani

Summit Crew

“Thank you for an informative presentation. I felt like I was taking the journey with you and came to be more familiar with this part of Canada. You have my continuing and undying admiration as a presenter, trekker, and adventurer. Thanks again!” Judie P., educator

We enjoyed your presentation. You shared a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have heard Steve telling others of your presentation.” Cathy Vanner, photographer

“What a great crowd you had on Thursday (for your Baffin Island lecture) and thanks for the interesting presentation. We enjoyed it very much. You have such a wonderful spirit of adventure!” Mike Kirby, educator

“The showcase Thursday (about your trek across Baffin Island) was so great! I loved hearing of your adventures and what a wonderful presenter you are.” Rebecca House, writer

“Thanks for presenting! It was great to hear about the trek and your pictures were amazing. I’ve never had a trip with that number of river and creek crossings.” Len Kennedy

Breakfast on the moraine at the foot of Turner Glacier [photo courtesy Jeff Allin]

“Very interesting presentation. Great information. Beautiful photos!” Sarah Kirby, photographer

“On the way home last night we both agreed that we liked the way you introduced the area & some of the prep to get ready.   It really added to the presentation.   We thoroughly enjoyed it.” J. Paton

“I was so glad I came to your presentation. It was very interesting and the photos are stunning. I don’t know if I could do that. You sure made it sound appealing.” Tracy Bray “Yes, Tracy, you can do it!’

“Thank you! It was a great presentation! You’re remarkable! Love living thru you!” Coreen Reynolds

“Your lecture was fabulous—informative, great eye-candy sprinkled with humour. My husband and thoroughly enjoyed it.” J. Stellings

“It was fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.” J. Bell

“What a great presentation last evening! I really enjoyed it, and learned so much. it’s wonderful that you were able to do that trip with your family. Your photographs are beautiful, and hearing the story behind them adds another dimension.” B. Coldham

“Enjoyed last night, you are so thorough in describing the trip with excellent details.” W. Bickle, photographer

Loved your Baffin Island presentation the other night too! Thanks for the excellent experience. ❤️C. Belanger

“The everyday world becomes extraordinary through your lens.” N. Zandbergen

“Thank you so much for the very informative presentation last week about your travels in Baffin Island. Your pictures are beautiful. The 360 panorama was a very helpful way to show us what it was like to be standing there! We also enjoyed the presentation you did last year – thank you for the Armchair Traveller series! [And] your prints on metal certainly do look very nice!” B & C McCallum